Jerilynn Stephens Hair and Beyond


Jerilynn Stephens is a Guild award-winning and 7x Emmy nominated hairstylist. She is the department head hairstylist on The Voice, Shark Tank, Songland, Disney's Fam Jam & various Award Shows. 

She has worked as a hairstylist and or makeup artist on 50 plus TV and Film productions and has attracted a personal client list that includes both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. 

She has appeared on “The Look Allstars” as a transformation expert and works with brands near and dear to her heart to help spread the message that great hair should be effortless and easy to duplicate at home.  

Jerilynn started her career in Seattle in 1995 and moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue her dreams of working in the TV and Film industry. Her motto then and now is “Dream Big or Don’t Bother.” She loves sharing her experience of how 5 simple "F" Words transformed her world and helped her manifest the life of her dreams. She is now on a mission to help others do the same through the teaching and coaching of The Five "F" Words to get results you want and become the best version of YOU!

When she speaks to her audience, Jerilynn reveals the steps inside her book, “The 5 “F” Words to Manifesting Your Life” and gives an insider look on what it really takes to be successful and getting the life she has always wanted.

Jerilynn currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Danny, son Eli and their pot belly pig, Lucy.

You can follow Jerilynn’s life and career on IG @jerilynnstephens and FB Hollywood Hairstylist